*** Please Read This First ***

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*** Please Read This First ***

Post by -MissS- » Fri May 11, 2007 6:13 pm

Thanks for Registering at Asianmix.com, and if you haven't, Register for Free!

We would love to see Asianmix.com become the largest community for asians across the globe, and whilst its growing, we've got a few little pointers to keep the forums an enjoyable place to be.

1) - All posts are periodically checked and moderated. If there is an offensive post, please report it by tapping the report button, one of our mods will see to it.

2) - Asianmix.com is 100% ad free. Please do not post links or adverts to other sites/content.

3) - Posts which lack contribution or steer off topic will be moderated. (e.g posts that include just the word "lol" or posts posts which have nothing to do with the topic title

4) - There is a ZERO % TOLERANCE on vulgar language or offensive material, let's keep it clean.

5) - Keep an eye on the dreaded caps-lock button and do not write whole sentences in CAPITAL letters.

6)- Please do not initiate or lead a topic on to religion. This is purely out of respect for people of all other religions. Remember there is a time and place to discuss or preach religion (and it's not here!)

7) - Please write in standard English. Refrain from using "text talk" when you post. Posts that make partial or no sense may be DELETED without warning.

8) - Credit where credit is due. Please do not plagiarise, if you are going to copy and paste part of/a whole news article, please post the full URL of your news source.

9) - Do not bump old threads without a fairly good reason. This especially applies to bumping extremely old threads in the welcome section.

Breaking the house rules above may result in yourself being suspended for a period of time (at the moderator's discretion), or banned following repeated breaches.

If you find yourself in the situation where you have been suspended, you will be unbanned after your timed suspension and this cannot be lifted prior.

Asianmix Team

Email: hello@asianmix.com

NB: This post will be updated from time to time to check back here for any updates
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