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AsianMix playlist

Post by desikidsta » Sat Aug 25, 2007 4:59 pm

AsianMix playlist

There has been a lot of confusion about AsianMix play list n how it works so I hope with myself giving you some information to how it works & runs makes sense.

What Sparky & AsianMix Presenters/Dj’s have been asking for is for members to list tracks either on ‘word’ or ‘notepad’ which they would like to hear on Main AsianMix Radio ONLY, while there is no presenters or dj’s LIVE on radio. Once you have listed your play list tracks a member of AsianMix presenters or Dj’s will put them onto AsianMix Server when they get the chance too, it may NOT happen on the same week or day once you have sent your selected tracks thru.

Please either forward your list of tracks via Email along with your name or nick to or speak to an AsianMix Presenter.

P.S please bear in mind we also may not be able to Stream your nick/name thru our ‘Current Presenters title’ which is on the homepage, the reason being is quite simple & straight forward, AsianMix has loads of new members registering up on a daily bases & we wouldn’t like 2 miss lead them to think that there presenters or Dj’s on AsianMix radio itself, however each time a presenter or a Dj is on LIVE on radio they will give full credit of the person whom playlist has been running.

I hope that people understand this & how playlist works IF however your still not sure please feel free to post a reply to this message.

Have a wonderful experience on AsianMix Network!!!


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