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snipr mc d(-_-)b
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Post by snipr mc d(-_-)b » Wed Jan 24, 2007 5:01 am

Evil new presence in town, cant u c? Yes me me, Snipr MC,
the guy who gonna kidnap u and tie u 2 a tree,
pull out a chainsaw and merk u eezily,
den jus watch ur gutz spray out as I drink Ice Tea
U dont know me homie so dont act lippy lyk a hippie
snipr mc can also rhyme in Punjabi haanjee
Haterz gotta try n b united to finish me
But verily, till then I gotta rhyme merrily
dis lyrical youngblood duz dis shizzle for free
i can get u exiled to another country u ******
oops I jus did a pee on ur knee
find me rollin in a four by four GMC
SnipR MC hotter dan Run DMC
yo yo advertise dis sht on radio Sparky D
dis iz a joke dont take it seriously heehee ;) :D :P B)

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