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Posted: Mon Nov 10, 2008 8:35 pm
by @ni$h@
lol these vibrating straighteners meant to act as a two in one thing? :roll: if u kno wha i mean :oops:
i dont think nything could really beat GHD straightners, i mean they get it dead straight, though they do cause a lott of damage if the spray aint used before.

These vibrating straightners just seem like one of them come nd go products dont u think? i mean like the dry to straight straightners and them machines that came out that were supposedly better for your hair bt still straightened while you dryed your hair?

I think, for straight hair, GHD gives best result.. and then again for the best hair in terms of its health, its good to give your hair a breather and not straighten or curl or add products and all that once in a while? and maybe use a nice dadi maa's nuska (grandma's remedy) and apply some hair oil :P lol jst a bit extra there for you :wink:

Posted: Wed Nov 12, 2008 7:35 pm
by @ni$h@
lol dead poet ji, i thought we were meant to be talking about straighteners? :P seeing as though you mentioned it, might as well tell us why you like girls in desi clothes... and if your a girl reading this wha do you prefer wearin? desi or english clothes? and while ur at it, to related back to the original topic, would you buy your gf a vibrating straightener? :wink:

My view:
i know i like a mixture of both but recently have stopped wearing indian clothes regularly i.e. kurta tops, salwaar kameez's etc cos i find that its becoming a hassle to find something which looks decent. I love traditional clothes and would wear them more often if designs and colours were a bit more appealing, i like to keep my clothing simple, and nowadays all salwaar kameez's etc have over the top work done on them, in terms of embroidery etc. But then again, western fashion has adopted a lot of "indianess" over the years, with tunic tops, scarves and a lot of asian design is being incorporated in western fashion, which is probably why i don't miss my indian clothes as much :wink: