Arranged Marriages

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Post by RuksyBaby » Fri Aug 31, 2007 12:25 am

well to be honest i believe that people mix up the two, forced marriages and arranged marriages. I believe arranged marriages are ok and acceptable because from my understanding the parents seek a potential spouse for the child and ask the child whether they like them or not and with the child wishes they either go ahead or pull out. Yet with forced marriages im completed against it. No parent should ever put their child in such a predicament. Maternal feelings should instruct otherwise.

Also i believe a child should be able to marry whoever they wish, yet also seek some advice from older people as they have few more years highen sight and wisdom than that compared to the child.

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Post by Mister_S » Fri Aug 31, 2007 1:39 am

I aggree Ruksy there is a very big difference between the two people need to understand the two are very different... Arrange marriages are acceptable but not Forced Marriages

because FORCED MARRIAGES are a CRIMINAL OFFENCE in UK and people can be prosecuted but the problem is people often don't come forward and hasty in testfying against the parents

any forced marriages are legally not valid

+ if there is a forced marriage and the guy had sex with a girl in the honeymoon again its rape and assault which means the guy can be prosecuted under laws against Rape/assualt/threat etc... because the guy would not have a consent from the girl (if the girls been forced to marry)

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