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Name: HardipSingh DesiKidsta


Desi Kidsta is a talented new and upcoming Dj / Producer / Musician / Mc from Wolverhampton. who specialises in HipHop, Rnb, Drum n Bass, Garage 4by4, Bhangra, - and like to exprimenting on various things. he has been doing music since the age of 8 which might sound like lies and might sound very unusual but seriously it has been that long. atthe age of 8 he started to learn a punjabi instrument called the dhol - as the years went by he learned how to play the Tabla, Vaja, Tumbi, Sarangi, Drum Kit, Violin, and many more - after a while he got on to production and now is producing for rappers singers and mcs not just in the uk but all over the world. see the thing with music for Desi Kidsta is not just your average young asian lad who produces music for the fame or to be someone that does it to prove a point, point being i can produce ect ect. Desi Kidsta produces music because he can, hes got the talent he has the musicial mind, and all though in genral his perception about music and the way he describes what music is is amazing and is with a doubt outstanding veryt a 18 year old producer him self to come out with some strong words, ok moving on to the surprises, hes not just a producer, hes a mc, singer, dj, and musician aswell and he tends to beatboxing but thats somethink you all need to look up on to your self do your reasearch on him find out what his music is all about read his blogs and relize and reconise why is he so big with his words and talk and why he his getting bigger by the day. - support him add him comment him let him no what you think of his music. dont just take my word for it seeign is believing

Influences: My first "INFULENCE" is "TIGERSTYLE" - i have been listning to them since 1999 so what were talking 8 to 9 years i followed them up on every interview every track they ever made, and ive never been dissapointed with anythink that they have released or come out with - the reason i choose them as my influcenses is because - they talk sense, they come out with quality prodcution all the time. onestly i can see truthly and onpenly that they have changed the bhangra scene, not only with thier music put in thier interviews with thier thoughts and views, and apinions, they make u reliize that music is just not a hobby music is sumthink that can be a life long task, and its somethink great so many things can be expressed through music but because of most negativity around us people sometime would not agree, but seriously they inspiration to me and if they would come a time when tigerstyle will stop making music which hopefully dosen't happend for few years yet, they will be my influence - cuz true thoughts and apnions and onesty will alwyas stay in the minds of every one

Cuz I Rap & Write songs
My second "INFULENCE" Is "BLITZCRIEG" Clearly the fact because hes a real "RAPPER" and i know about all the negativity around he's voice isnt this it isnt that and people are like only focusing on what they want some bodys voice to sound like instead of focusing on what he really deliverd
which is orginalty and i say that because he dont pretend to be tupac or bigge or pap hoose and he dosent put on a fake american accsent like some rappers do to make them selves look big because they have a feeling that rappers in america rep all rappers around the world which is untrue - so yeh there you go thats why i choose him as my second infulence

when it comes to me singing in punjabi and learnign real traditional bhangra music my "INFULENCESES" are
Kuldeep Manak, Surinder Shinda, Kulvinder Johal, Sukh Shinda Shinda, Manmohan Waris, Kamal heer, Azaad, Achanak, Alaap, Sahotas,

Thats about it really for those artists i have chossen as my influenceses i hope you are greatfull about the comments i have left you and i meen it 100% with pure onestly and respect

Thanks for taking your time to read this
nuff love and respect to all the artists and also
"TIGERSTYLE£ tc nuff love !!

Band Interests: Making music, socialising with friends and family, spending time with my other half and loved ones, partying,

Biography: Sup everybody My names Hardip Singh aKa Desi Kidsta
im a - Dj / Producer / Muscian / Mc / - been playing dhol since i was like 9 years old and i been doing music ever since got in to playing instruments such as Tumbi, Dholi, Tabla, Vaja, Sarangi, DRUM KIT learning many more but like started to right songs and mc & sing now and like making my music get abit more serious, ill be onest b4 when i started abviously because i was young i just thought of it was somethink to do but gradually as the years went by i learned to my self it wasn't just a hobby it was a long life dream, and basically at the momments not many people have heard of me but shud be changed very soon - thats about it really if you would liek to collabarate and your a singer punjabi, hindi, or english or a rapper then come and holla me and u can try out for audtion and ill see if your good enuff for my time

thanks for your time

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